Revision of the Pound


Design program, Las Positas College


Print, Currency Prototype


This is a conceptual re-imagining of the pound sterling. I aimed to represent each country of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland) on separate denominations which emphasized and celebrated their individual identities—past and present—while keeping them united around a common standard. Each bill showcases the individual country's flag and Parliament (or other national monument) on the front, and a map and historic castle on the reverse.

The bold colors of each country's flag play an important role in this new currency, a departure from the pale neutrals of the previous denominations. I also created an elegant font for the main text of each bill, and incorporated subtle intricacies, such as line motifs and watermarks generated by mimicking the effect of sky and water, to create an authentic currency template.

Created for an art class at Las Positas College, this project was selected for inclusion in the Thatcher Gallery's annual print exhibition.

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