Client, PHP Engineer


Product Logo, Web Icon


The client called for a powerful logo that grabs the viewer's attention for a web-based product. "Kazaam!" is an automatic menu creation system for Joomla, a website content management system. It simply detects when a new article, or web page, has been created, and creates a new menu item to link it into the main website. It saves around 5 minutes every time a new article is created. Its effectiveness is instantaneous, and is the basis of its name: "Kazaam!"

The goldenrod and cherry red meld nicely, fulfilling the client's desire for bright, vibrant hues. After drafting several versions of the letterforms, it was this set that worked best with the logo's whimsical theme. The client suggested giving the text personality in a literal sense, ultimately by turning the letter "Z" into a bright-eyed dragon. The general concept evolved through several stages: from comic book text bubbles and exclamations within a lightning bolt to a high-impact trademark.

Programs Used: