Spaceholder Festival


Submission for the ODC Call for Visual Artists, Top 3 Finalist


Theater Poster, 11" x 17"


ODC Theater, among the West Coast’s premier venues for the contemporary performing arts, announced a call for proposals for a series of six original posters for its 2013 season. The aim is to capture and communicate the essence of each of its artists’ presentations. The finalists were asked to create a poster for the production Spaceholder Festival.

Light and color determine mood. This is true in both graphic design and the theater. Water color-inspired linear elements evoke the fluid sensation of stage lights, pouring over their subjects. These colors and their paths would change to reflect the specific performances. The beams highlight a collage of performance images, assembled in the shape of a main element of the production.

Two drafts were created for this project. In the first, the collage is a carefully assembled pile of artifacts and photographs and figures dance around it, reminiscent of the object-driven performances. In the second, a silhouette of one of the dancers is composed of the different scenes and objects of the performance.

Programs Used: