The Sanctuary of Sophia


Client, Philosophy Teacher


Web Infographic


This infographic provides an elementary overview of the five main branches of philosophy. Currently, the front of the temple depicts a description of each branch, its general time period is listed on the floor, and each category is engraved on two adjacent exterior columns. As an active project, more changes are underway. The space on the ceiling will fill in with the different great minds of each era, and new concepts will course along the temple’s floor. Temple itself is titled after the Greek word for wisdom, as philosophy can be literally translated into the love of wisdom (philo-sophia). 

Visual inspiration came from Emma Willard’s The Temple of Time, which was published in 1846 by A.S. Barnes & Co. The client favored the concept of depicting the information in the 3D shape of a temple. This will be a learning tool for beginners to the field of philosophy, and therefore clarity and simplicity is necessary.

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