Typography through the Centuries—Baskerville


Design program, University of San Francisco


Print Posters, 30" x 40"


This series of posters showcases three influential fonts in the history of typography, highlighting their unique features and drawing inspiration from how each font was originally used. Featured fonts include: Fette Fraktur, the most beloved of the Blackletter fonts; Baskerville, the trademark of transitional serif fonts; and the modern epitome of Swiss International typography, Helvetica. Each typeface was created at least 100 years apart from each other.

For John Baskerville's namesake font, I drew attention to those beautiful cursive forms for which it is most highly praised. The creamy color of the paper and rich green ink for the text recalls Baskerville's penchant for control as epitomized in his creating his own paper and ink to guarantee the font would appear as intended.

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