Whim Magazine


Design program, University of San Francisco


Print Magazine, 10.75" x 7.75"


An insider's guide to San Francisco, Whim Magazine inspires readers to explore the City by the Bay as never before with dramatic editorial spreads and witty, informative articles. For this project, I designed a logo, folio, grid system, various fonts, and different types of openers created and ordered to engage reader interest and maximize readability and flow. Beginning with a hook image of the Golden Gate Bridge, the distinct page layouts, backgrounds, and color-schemes were chosen to enhance the theme of each article. I wrote all copy for a variety of articles, including restaurant and pub reviews, a photojournalism review of the Batteries to Bluffs coastal trail, a history of Smuggler's Cove, a walking guide for the shops and eateries on Clement Street, and a puzzle page. The dynamic sights, sounds, and tastes of San Francisco are reflected in the magazine's imaginative style and eye-catching original photography.

Programs Used: